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QUENTIN (Q) has experienced a lot in eleven years of life.  Poverty, addiction, violence, the loss of both parents; Q sees it all from the street corner where he sells crack cocaine for his older brother ANT to an ever-hungry neighborhood.  Then, one night while running from the cops following a botched drug raid, Q sees something he’s never seen before.  Something that does not belong amidst the broken glass and crushed dreams.   Q sees KERO, a horse.  One who’s scheduled to be destroyed the next day by his grizzled owner, LEVONT.


After Q saves Kero from the business end of Levont’s shotgun, Levont reluctantly begins teaching Q the way of the BLACK COWBOY.  Soon, Q and Kero have formed an unbreakable bond…two kindred spirits both trying to break free from the shackles of a life that neither chose.  They win race after race on the scarred, twisted cobblestones of North Philadelphia.  Together, they run like the wind…  But will they be fast enough to outrun Ant and the specter of death that wants to keep them chained forever to the ways of their decaying neighborhood?

Street Rider

Status: Optioned