Psycho In Law

An in-law to put all other in-laws to shame in this super psycho, super entertaining film!  9 out of 10 glasses of white wine!

- Geeks Media

Nanny Killer

This movie will keep you on the hook… keep a light on. — The Best Darn Girl’s Movie Review

A gripping neo-Gothic thriller expertly directed by Jeff Hare. — Movie Magg

Killer Buzz

“A stingingly good bee-movie classic”

- The Shoreham Protestor

Checking Out

“Peppered with snappy one-liners…FUNNY…ENTERTAINING! It’s a credit to Peter Falk and helmer Jeff Hare!” — Daily Variety

“FOUR STARS! A complete pleasure! – Arizona Republic

“With strong, engaging performances, CHECKING OUT is a thoroughly entertaining, intelligent film with an ultimately positive outlook!” – Film Threat

“Loaded with substance, CHECKING OUT has a heart-warming finale that is well earned!” – Philadelphia Daily News

Blockage -- (Stage Play)

“The dramatic shape of the piece is flawless, as is the toning and polishing by director Jeff Hare, who shapes each moment into a little gem. The reality and honesty of Hare’s treatment is matched by the impeccable comedic performances of the actors…” — Backstage

“Hare’s direction is intelligent, with obvious and skilled attention to comic timing”- NoHoLa

“Hilarious!” – LA Times


“…We actively seek out the best in low budget, independent cinema and these efforts have rewarded us with a number of truly excellent, highly entertaining films which we have had the pleasure of reviewing over the past few years. Our latest discovery is BITTER/SWEET, screened at the recent Worldfest International Film Festival where it won The Grand Jury Award for “Best Picture” and the Golden Remi Award for “Best Director.” These awards are well deserved. Hare is extremely talented…” – Need To Vent – Movie Reviews with a Twist.

A Perfect Little Man

“Scripted by Jeff Hare with a ferocity that is exceptional, A Perfect Little Man is an amazing piece of acting in a ruthlessly built landscape”  — TNT’s Roughcut

“3 ½ Stars (out of four)– Grabs you from the opening moment and entrances you to the very end. A must see!” — Atlantic City Free Press

“Expertly paced, unflinching and unforgettable”  Camden Courier Post

“Cinematic tour de force for Hare”  TV Guide