Set in the world of traveling carnivals.  When ANNA learns the carnival she works for is going to robbed on its last night in town, Anna robs the till first, gives the bad guys 1/3 of what she reports stolen, and moves on to the next town.  The bad guys follow to the next town to figure out […]
QUENTIN (Q) has experienced a lot in eleven years of life.  Poverty, addiction, violence, the loss of both parents; Q sees it all from the street corner where he sells crack cocaine for his older brother ANT to an ever-hungry neighborhood.  Then, one night while running from the cops following a botched drug raid, Q […]
In the heat of the deep south, where the humidity is as thick as blood, and sweat holds linen tight against taut bodies, who can you trust?  The answer?  No one.  Sometimes not even yourself…
This feel-good comedy/drama is the story of JON, a down-on-his-luck children’s book author who dies in a car crash, is brought back to life, and brings somebody else back from the other side with him – MARCUS. Marcus was supposed to be Jon’s guide to the afterlife, but instead, became a JUMPER – something not […]
In Detroit, Halloween can be quite the “hot” time.  Known as Devil’s Night, its an orgy of flame and fire as parts of the city are torched to the ground every year.  But what if you learned the sick and twisted reason for the first Devil’s Night linked directly back to you and your family?! […]
Things have not been going well for NATALIE WILCOX.  She’s had both kidneys replaced following a horrific car accident that killed her husband and critically injured her young daughter.  She’s suffering from post-traumatic-stress that severely limits her ability to remember details of her life before the accident.  And, everyone at the hospital where she works (BANGKOK […]
A sadistic sniper has pinned down five friends inside their trailer in the middle of the New Mexico desert, turning their former mobile home into a furnace and deathtrap. Their only chance at survival is banding together and outwitting the murderer, but dark histories and past betrayals will pit one against the other, until it’s no longer […]
When 23-year-old Death Valley Park Ranger Maggie Barnes returns to her Alaskan hometown after the mysterious death of her estranged father, she uncovers a number of secrets; not the least of which is…the town is set to come under attack by a pack of Artic werewolves, led by her own brother.  Now, Maggie must confront […]
A family fantasy/comedy in the vein of “Angels in the Outfield” or “Ghostbusters”. When a young boy named RUSSELL finds out that his favorite football team, The Cleveland Browns, are cursed, he teams up with IVAN, an eccentric stadium groundskeeper who hails from a long line of Victorian Ghost hunters to break the curse and […]
Bad Hands is the story of Marty, a grifter and card shark who runs the New Jersey Turnpike, seeking card games he can start and people he can rip-off. Marty’s running hides a terrible secret; one that begins to unravel after Marty accidentally kills a man following a phony card game. Marty assumes this man’s […]
Four old friends from international school (one American, one Thai, one Japanese and one Brit) return to Bangkok when they learn that their mentor is dead, an apparent suicide.  However, soon after arriving they learn that he was murdered.  And, he left them a message…”protect the girl”.  After a crime kingpin places bounties on their […]
This black comedy, which skewers the television news industry, is about an eclectic ensemble of recently graduated journalism students, all thrown together for their first reporting jobs at a tiny backwoods television station in Denton, Nebraska. This group includes Stephanie, the reporter who is sleeping with everyone but the cows to keep her noon anchor […]