Dark Harvest

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Things have not been going well for NATALIE WILCOX.  She’s had both kidneys replaced following a horrific car accident that killed her husband and critically injured her young daughter.  She’s suffering from post-traumatic-stress that severely limits her ability to remember details of her life before the accident.  And, everyone at the hospital where she works (BANGKOK MERCY) has been treating her like a leper.  Yes, things are pretty bad for Natalie Wilcox.  However…they’re about to get a whole lot worse…


Natalie keeps having HORRIBLE VISIONS.  Not just of the accident, but of a MASS SLAUGHTER of a TRIBE on the Thai/Myanmar border.  Of TRIBAL TATTOOS being burned and sliced into flesh.  Of  BLOOD.  SUICIDE.  MADNESS…


Natalie’s dreams and visions begin to intensify.  As she struggles to understand the meanings and origins of these horrific visions, Nat witnesses a TRANSPLANT PATIENT kill a coworker and then himself.  Fueled by this, Nat begins to investigate.


She soon meets JESSE, a journalist who has been following a trail of gruesome murders and bizarre tribal rituals .  Jesse begins to help Nat piece together what she has been experiencing and together they follow the dark trail of murders in search of the source of Nat’s visions……..


What Nat finds is…Bangkok Mercy holds a terrible secret…  A CURSE has been placed on all ORGANS that have been used for transplant at the hospital within the last year.  Now, Nat must solve the mystery and fast… before her own transplanted organs drive her into a murderous madness from which there is no coming back!

Dark Harvest

Status: Currently Available